Mia for W Magazine

Mia was photographed and interviewed for W Magazine‘s Best Performances portfolio. Take a look at the article and two photos below!

Mia Goth Is Not Your Average Scream Queen

The Pearl star on the highs and lows of acting, and how she’s learned to love horror.

At the start of 2022, Ti West’s film X received accolades as one of the best new-wave horror films of the year. So when news broke that Pearl, the prequel to the A24 slasher film would be released just a few months later, fans were thrilled. Cowritten by and starring Mia Goth, Pearl not only met the expectations of its predecessor but allowed the British actress to showcase her full acting abilities. Her shrill screams paired with her naturally high-pitched voice—not to mention a several minutes long monologue—made her a viral phenomenon while securing her spot among the ranks of this generation’s top scream queens (despite the fact that she actually doesn’t care for horror movies that much).
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